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Pivot Energy

Who We Serve

K-12 Schools


K-12 Schools

Pivot Energy has an extensive history of working with K-12 schools. Not only is solar energy a great way to reduce costs, but also an excellent educational tool for students, teachers, and the community.

Did you know...

Environmental Impact

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Case Study

Pivot is helping school districts save money, so they make the most out of their often restricted budgets. St. Vrain School District partnered with Pivot to provide 1.215 MW of solar PV, helping them reduce their overhead costs and achieve their sustainability goals.


Niwot High School



On-Site Ballasted Rooftop Solar

PV Array


St. Vrain Valley School District, Colorado

Rooftop solar installation on public school

The Challenge

Due to difficult economics of rooftop solar PV deals in Xcel Energy service territory in Colorado, St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD) had trouble finding a developer and funder for their three-site rooftop solar PV portfolio. The project was at risk of not moving forward until St. Vrain brought Pivot Energy in to restructure the portfolio and optimize the deal.

The Solution

Our team solved the economic issues by incorporating a rate tariff change for Niwot High School that moved the school from the Secondary General (SG) rate to a Solar PV Time-of-Use (SPVTOU) rate, changing the economics for SVVSD dramatically. The deal went from cash flow neutral for the school district to saving more than $65,000/yr at Niwot High School alone. The school now has significantly reduced operational costs while producing more than 660,000 kWhs/ year of clean, local solar electricity.



Customer Stories

"Pivot Energy is hands down one of the most committed, experienced, and easy to work with solar providers in the industry. When St. Vrain Valley School District identified opportunities to install on-site solar systems, the team at Pivot Energy provided guidance and hands-on expertise to overcome multiple obstacles and succeed in installing about 1.2 MW of total generation. At the onset, staff analyzed our data, potential savings, and solar generation and even performed utility rate analysis so we could make the most educated decisions. These services were invaluable as the district sought out buy-in from stakeholders and engage the district and town.”

Dara Ward

Energy Manager, St. Vrain Valley School District

"Our ultimate goal of providing solar power access to our residents and tenants without passing on its cost was made possible by Pivot Energy, who provided the perfect solution to our project needs."

Jonathan Alpert

Partner, Westfield Development

“We were contacted by Pivot Energy during the initial strategy on how to accomplish our goal of reducing the carbon footprint of Volunteers of America Colorado by at least 5% over the next two years. This was the gateway for Volunteers of America to not only save money to use toward our programs, but also a way to reduce our energy footprint. While we are sure there are many different companies offering similar programs, the experience we have had working with Pivot Energy has been impressive from our first interaction."

Bret Bridgewater

VP of Building Services and Safety, Volunteers of America

“Solar is now a big part of our corporate sustainability program, and part of our ongoing effort to be good corporate citizens. Generating rooftop solar energy production in lieu of using energy from carbon-emitting sources furthers this commitment and leverages a previously unused asset within our portfolio – our rooftops – and provides cost savings from reduced utility expense.”

Joe Margolis

CEO, Extra Space Storage

"Pivot Energy did everything to make this project a reality. The entire process was really easy for me as the landowner. After signing the lease, Pivot did all the work and secured the permits. And once the construction started, it was completed quickly and easily. The contractor who built the project was friendly and did a great job."

Mr. Dawson