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Pivot Energy

Subscriber Services

Pivot Energy provides an impressive panel of services to make your energy efficiency more efficient.


Subscriber Services Overview

SunCentral is an industry revolutionizing platform that provides world-class subscriber services. SunCentral offers a suite of services for community solar subscribers. Customers will experience a seamless interface for billing, account administration, auto bill pay, and subscription management. SunCentral鈥檚 built-in algorithms will help you control churn and customer renewals so your solar gardens will always be in compliance.

The cloud platform actively engages subscribers and waitlisted customers regarding community solar project status/availability, payment status, and houses educational resources to keep the entire population of subscribers engaged and ready for program participation.

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Subscriber Services Process

The SunCentral platform will monitor your solar garden鈥檚 production monthly and bill your customers in line with their subscriptions. Should your customers have questions or billing issues we will be available to support them via phone, email, and chat. If a customer鈥檚 subscription has come to an end, we鈥檒l work with your waitlist to make sure that spot is filled immediately to reduce revenue downtime.

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What is Community Solar?