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Pivot Energy

Project Ownership

Pivot Energy provides an impressive panel of services to make your energy efficiency more efficient.


Project Ownership

Possessing a team with a deep breadth of knowledge, Pivot has the ability to own, operate, and develop solar projects.

Pivot Energy Provides

Free Consultations

Get a preliminary analysis related to most of the service offerings above. Let us explore what custom projects can provide the most value for you.



Pivot recognizes that some clients may want to outsource the ownership of their solar project due to restrictions on spending up-front capital or desire to reduce operational risk. Pivot easily supports those needs by delivering financing solutions where we arrange for ownership of the project.

Benefits of this approach include:


No up-front cost to the client


Steady, known on-going cost to receive the benefits of your solar


Guaranteed net savings in electricity costs


Project operations and maintenance managed by Pivot


Long-term partnership that drives value

Why Choose Us

Pivot Energy is a national leader in the development of onsite solar projects and small utility solar projects, including community solar.